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Rockey Farms raises upwards of 25 varieties of certified seed and specialty fresh market potatoes in Center, Colorado. Across 500 irrigated acres in the high desert, companion crops, animals, cover crops and flowers replace synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. These management decisions have resulted in sustained yields and improved water efficiency for over a decade. The Rockey Farms ecosystem encourages beneficial insects, soil microbes and carbon cycling. This approach works not only out in the field, but inside the seed potato greenhouse as well.

Commitment to a living system is what makes Rockey Farms different from many farms in the industry.


White Rock Seed also sources seed potatoes from neighboring, conventional San Luis Valley farms. This season, Price Farms and Martinez Farms are the source for Canela Russets, Norkotah Russets and Yukon Gold. 

Rockey Farms is not certified organic and White Rock Seed does not have organic seed potatoes available this season.

Click here for more information about Rockey Farms. Contact White Rock Seed for more information. 

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