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Dear WRS Customers, 

To meet the needs of our growing and diverse customer base, we've made a few changes to our 2022 online store. We hope these changes will improve our ability to ship seed potatoes to all of our customers. 

Learn more about shipping seed potatoes. 


Please select a link below to start shopping for your seed potatoes.

If you are placing an order for pick up at either Rockey Farms in Center, Colorado or White Rock Specialities in Mosca, Colorado, please contact WRS before placing your order. 

 Thank you for you choosing White Rock Seed Potatoes

Is my order at least 350 pounds? Am I part of a group order?


This includes orders 300 pounds or less when they are part of a group order that is 350 pounds or greater.

You will be redirected to our partner site. 


• Is my order 300 pounds or less and I am NOT part of a group order?


Email White Rock Seed or call 719.206.3184